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Biofuel Description

Biofuels are solid, gas or liquid fuels, such as methane, ethanol and biodiesel that are made from biomass materials. Biomass materials are anything that is alive or was alive until a short time ago (such as wood chips, lawn clippings, crops, or animal waste).
  • Methane is a colorless, odorless gas. Because of its combustibility, it is primarily used as a fuel. The energy released by the combustion of methane is primarily natural gas that is used to heat businesses and homes.
  • Biodiesel is made with fats, vegetable oils or grease. Biodiesel is a safe renewable fuel that is biodegradable and reduces the emissions of many pollutants. Biodiesel is the fastest growing alternative fuel in the United States (biofuelguide.net).
  • Ethanol is an alcohol fuel that is produced from such crops as corn, wheat, sorghum, potato skins, rice, sugar cane, sugar beets, and yard clippings (American Coalition for Ethanol). Ethanol is nontoxic and biodegradable. Interestingly, the more ethanol we use in our gas, the less oil we need.


Biofuel Job Growth

High gas prices have had an impact on us all. For this reason, we all want alternative transportation fuel. The biofuels industry is growing by leaps and bounds - 25-50% every year according to businesswire.com.

Prominent Biofuel Companies

  • POET
  • DuPont Danisco
  • Coskata
  • Sapphire Energy
  • Mascoma
  • Greenleaf Biofuels
  • Kreido Biofuels
  • NexGen Biofuels
  • Orion Ethanol
  • Pacific Ethanol
  • Piedmont Biofuels

Biofuel Information Resources

Click Here for a List of Biomass / Biofuels Jobs

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