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Hydropower Jobs

Hydropower is the most often used renewable energy source. It accounts for 6-10% of all U.S. electricity and a whopping 71% of all renewable energy generation. Hydropower is also one of the oldest forms of energy dating back centuries to when settlers used water powered mills to grind their grain.

Today, the process of harnessing energy from the force of rushing water to generate power is Hydropower. Hydropower is a clean, renewable source of energy. When compared to fossil fuels, it clearly emits low levels of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, it is much less expensive to produce than fossil fuel.

When compared to other sources of renewable energy, Hydropower has several significant advantages. First of all, it is “always on” unlike solar and wind energy that normally runs at about 25% of capacity. Secondly, water carries tremendous energy levels because of its density - almost 1,000 X the density of air. Some looming issues still remain that are delaying some large dam projects - growing concerns over economics, environmental and land.

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