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Description of Wind Energy

Wind energy is the result of the earth’s winds being "harvested" by large wind turbines to generate electricity. The kinetic energy in the wind is converted into mechanical power by these wind turbines. This mechanical power can be used to perform an individual function like pumping water or running a conveyer belt. More impressively, it can power an electric generator that is powerful enough to create enough electricity to run businesses, schools, neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Wind Energy Jobs

Wind Analyst – One of the best was to get started in wind energy is as a wind analyst. This usually requires a degree in Earth Sciences and/or Physics. Wind analysts research and interpret meteorological information that pertains to the maintenance and overall performance of the wind farm.

Wind Field Technicians - Wind field technicians take care of the ongoing maintenance of the wind turbines and other equipment on the wind farm. This position usually requires experience as either an electrician or a technician.

Project Manager - Project Managers will often travel to various wind farms to implement overall operations. They manage most of the project development activities starting with contracts and ending with the full operation of the site. They work closely with contracting and the technical staff during the implementation phase of a project.

Civil Engineer - Civil Engineers optimize the performance of turbines and of the overall wind farm itself. They also oversee construction projects and mechanical development. Normally, wind energy employers will look for someone with a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a concentration in construction, civil, or structural engineering.

Electrical Engineer  - Electrical engineers oversee the development and maintenance of the power generating technology on the wind farm. They are very involved in the construction phases of the wind farms. Most employers are seeking experienced electrical engineers with advanced engineering degrees and industry certifications. Of course, industry experience is a huge plus.

Wind Farm Manager - The Wind Farm Manager is responsible for the oversight of the entire Wind Farm including turbine operation, training, human resources, finance, customer service, etc.

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