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Database migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL

When planning to convert MySQL to PostgreSQL, it is important to understand cons and pros of every DBMS as well as scope of database objects that have to be converted. Main advantage of MySQL against PostgreSQL is that it’s easy to install and to use. PostgreSQL has multiple advantages such as: full compliance with SQL standard, support for different indexing models, common table expressions, outer joins.

Database migration process involves migrating such objects as table definitions, data, indexes, constraints, views, stored procedures and triggers.

Basically, database conversion from MySQL to PostgreSQL includes the following stages:

On large and complex databases manual conversion may require a lot of efforts and cause risk of data loss or corruption due to the human factor. That’s why database specialist who is in charge for converting MySQL to PostgreSQL may consider using special conversion tool.

What features are required for advanced database migration tools?

Many software vendors offer solutions to migrate MySQL to PostgreSQL having all features listed above. One of these vendors is Intelligent Converters, a company specializing in database migration and synchronization since 2001. Besides software products the company offers service to customize all available solutions according to customer requirements at affordable rates. Also, they provide turn-key migration service for large and complicated corporate warehouses that convers data, database logic (stored procedures and functions, triggers) and application layer. More information about Intelligent Converters and their software is available at

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