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Why not encrypt your texts with privnote instead of using leaked passwords?

There is a simple solution to protect your texts – end-to-end encryption services like Privnote. These allow you to shield your messages without having to remember complicated passwords that could be leaked. Read on to understand why services like Privnote are vastly superior to trusting leaked passwords with your privacy.

Preventing permanent exposure

Standard messaging and email do not protect if your login details become available to hackers. Your entire history of conversations could be extracted through account access. Even deleting messages doesn’t fully erase them from providers’ servers. However, Privnote’s combination of encryption and ephemerality prevents permanent exposure. Every private vanishes entirely after being read, keeping your messages completely temporary. There are no stored records for hackers to access. Even in the unlikely event Privnote’s servers were breached, strong encryption shields your private contents.

Staying safe on public Wi-Fi

Leaked passwords put your accounts at risk even if you only access them through private networks. But if you also use public Wi-Fi to connect, danger skyrockets. Hackers on open networks can easily capture your plaintext passwords and logins through snooping. Privnotes, however, keep your messages secure on any network through end-to-end encryption. The private contents remain private over Wi-Fi despite nearby eavesdroppers. This allows safe communication of sensitive information when traveling or working remotely without proper network security.

Protecting metadata too

Encrypted messaging is crucial. But communication metadata (sender, recipient, timestamps, etc.) also reveals a lot about your activities. Many apps fail to shield this. If a hacker accesses your account, they can learn who you contact and when through metadata. Privnote strips all metadata too for complete anonymity. There are no usernames attached to privnotes. Sending times aren’t recorded. And Privnote deletes usage logs older than 48 hours. It provides privacy beyond just hiding message contents.

Easy to use and share

The mastering encryption software, privnote is simple and intuitive for anyone to use immediately. You don’t need to manage keys or configure settings. Just compose your note and share the URL however you choose – no recipient signup is required.  This makes Privnote ideal for delivering private messages to contacts that don’t have special software installed. With just the URL, anyone can securely view your encrypted private. Ease of use means stronger security for all your communications.

Encrypting past messages too

Do you have a trove of previously unencrypted texts you now want to protect? Privnote can retroactively add encryption through its import feature.

Just upload any chat history, old messages, or notes, and Privnote will allow you to share them as encrypted privnotes. This brings past unsecured communication up to privnote’s privacy standards.

Open source and auditability

Privnote’s codebase is entirely open source rather than proprietary. It allows greater transparency and public confirmation that the encryption works as described. You don’t have to rely on trust claims by the company. Regular third-party audits further validate Privnote’s security standards and help identify any potential weaknesses early. Open source projects invite worldwide experts to maintain, inspect and improve the encryption methods.

Escape metadata collection

By now it’s well known that tech giants sweep up vast amounts of data about users for profiling and targeting. Services like Privnote deny these corporations your communication metadata that often feeds invasive tracking. Each privnote interaction reveals nothing about your contacts, messaging habits, conversation times, etc. Tech companies never even have the chance to collect or exploit this personal data. Privnote cuts them off from the start.

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