How do you evaluate the performance of your amazon agency?


When working with an Amazon agency to grow and manage your Amazon FBA business, it’s crucial to evaluate their performance regularly. This evaluation ensures that your agency meets your expectations and your partnership succeeds. Here are some key areas to focus on when assessing the performance of your Amazon agency:

Communication and transparency

Evaluate how well your Amazon agency communicates with you. Do they respond promptly to your queries? Are they transparent about their strategies, actions, and results? Clear and frequent communication ensures that you’re informed about your Amazon business’s progress and that your agency understands your goals and expectations. Agencies specialising in Amazon often offer different communication channels like email, phone, or regular video conferences. Assess their responsiveness and whether they provide clear and concise updates without you having to chase them. Ensure they are transparent about any issues or challenges they face and involve you in decision-making when necessary.

Strategic planning and execution

Developing and executing strategic plans is critical to managing your Amazon business. Assess whether your agency thoroughly understands your business goals and the Amazon marketplace. Evaluate their ability to implement these strategies effectively and adapt them as needed. Look at how the agency uses Amazon-specific tools and analytics to create data-driven plans. Assess whether they regularly review and adjust their approach based on performance.

Amazon listing optimization

Optimizing your Amazon product listings is crucial for improving visibility and driving sales. Evaluate your agency’s ability to create compelling, SEO-friendly product titles, bullet points, and descriptions. They should also understand the importance of utilizing high-quality images that comply with Amazon’s guidelines. Assess whether they conduct thorough keyword research and effectively incorporate relevant keywords into your listings to improve their ranking in Amazon’s search results. Tools like Amazon’s search auto-complete, external keyword research tools, and Amazon’s sponsored ads data can be used to identify the right keywords. Check if your agency optimizes the backend keywords and ensures your products are correctly categorized so they appear in relevant searches.

Inventory management

Assess your agency’s ability to forecast demand and ensure that your products are in stock without overstocking, leading to long-term storage fees. They should use Amazon’s inventory performance dashboard and other tools to monitor inventory levels and adjust replenishment orders accordingly. Also, evaluate their inventory management processes across multiple sales channels, if applicable. This includes ensuring accurate tracking of inventory levels, coordinating fulfilment, and preventing overselling. Proper inventory management by your agency will help you maintain a positive customer experience. For info about top amazon agency visit

Advertising and promotion

Your Amazon agency should understand Amazon’s advertising options and be skilled in creating and managing effective advertising campaigns. Assess their ability to use banner, headline search, and product display ads to increase visibility and traffic. Evaluate whether they create well-targeted campaigns with relevant keywords and ad creatives that resonate with your target audience. They should also be able to provide insights into the performance of these campaigns through Amazon’s advertising reports and make data-driven optimizations to improve return on ad spend (ROAS).

Amazon policy compliance

Amazon has strict guidelines that sellers and agencies must adhere to. Evaluate your agency’s understanding of these policies and their ability to ensure that your Amazon business remains compliant. They should be up-to-date with any changes in Amazon’s policies and quickly adapt their strategies to avoid violations. Assess whether they have processes to monitor and manage your product listings, customer reviews, and advertising campaigns to ensure they meet Amazon’s standards. Non-compliance leads to listing suppression, account suspension, or other penalties, so your agency must prioritize this.

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