What are the Advantages of a Bluetooth Mouse


Mouse is the standard configuration in computers. Without a mouse, it would be difficult for people to operate a computer. It is even more difficult to operate without a mouse for desktop computers. The traditional mouse is wired. Many people complain that the mouse wire is not long enough to use flexibly. Later, wireless mouse appears. Then consumers need to know what the advantages of Bluetooth mouse are before they buy Bluetooth Mouse in UK. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth mouse.

Bluetooth mouse is a kind of wireless mouse. Wireless mouses are divided into 2.4 G frequency band and Bluetooth. But the communication distance of the former is shorter than that of Bluetooth. The price of the two wireless Bluetooth mouses of the same level is higher than that of the 2.4 G communication mouse.

The advantage of Bluetooth mouse is that it can save the USB interface of notebook. The scroll wheel and ergonomic design feel of Bluetooth mouse have different experience levels. Secondly, the connection is more convenient. Compared with the traditional wired mouse, Bluetooth mouse can save wiring and make the surroundings of the computer cleaner. Compared with a wireless mouse with a receiver, Bluetooth mouse can save USB interface. And the emergence of Bluetooth speakers and headphones makes Bluetooth mice more in line with the use environment. It is more convenient to carry. The effective range of Bluetooth mouse is  more than 5 meters. It is suitable for people who go out to work or do business.

It is easy to carry and has the problem of easy loss. So it is better not to use in public. The Bluetooth mouse does not need a receiver. But the host computer needs to be equipped with a Bluetooth module. It is suitable for laptop users with Bluetooth function. Moreover, its technology is new. It has higher price. There are fewer styles for users to choose from.

In addition, Bluetooth mouse needs to be powered by battery. So its weight increases after the battery is installed. This affects the friction between the mouse and the mouse pad. The battery needs to be replaced regularly. So the battery life and the weight of the wireless mouse are the biggest problems.

In terms of games, Bluetooth mouse does not have any advantages over wired mouse. Game operation requires higher sensitivity and response ability of the mouse. Professional game players will not select Bluetooth mouse to operate the game.

In terms of matching, Bluetooth mouse is easily interfered by wireless products such as mobile phones and wireless routers. Thus, Bluetooth cannot be connected and the mouse is disconnected. Therefore, some Bluetooth mice adopt Bluetooth and 2.4 G dual-mode design. This ensures the effectiveness of the mouse in the use process. This technology reduce or even eliminate the phenomenon of mutual interference of wireless devices. And make Bluetooth devices more adaptable and cheaper in cost.

Therefore, Bluetooth mouse is more suitable for business office workers.

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