4 Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic


During this recent coronavirus pandemic, most of the people that work in the financial industry were forced to work from home. Working from home means that employees have more freedom on the tools they use to communicate with clients. However, the financial sector is filled with regulations and different laws that focus on data protection and companies must find ways to effectively monitor their employees’ communications.

The first tip for companies is to document which communication platforms their employees are using. Companies can then identify what communication channels are being used to contact clients and they can then advise their employees on what they should use for work for easier recordkeeping. It would also be good to increase surveillance on employee communications. it is important to conduct a weekly check of electronic communications and to increase the level of surveillance.

Firms must also update key terms for eDiscovery and communications monitoring. Companies with outdated monitoring practices may create multiple false positives or fail to capture the complete picture of a conversation. Lastly, firms can implement the use of a reliable mobile archiver for secure SMS messaging. These are some things firms can implement regarding their communications monitoring in the pandemic. To learn more, check out this infographic by Telemessage.


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