An Investment Of Online Stocks With NASDAQ: ADXS


NASDAQ is the world’s second-largest stocks and securities exchange. Its trades occur electronically through dealers instead of at a physical location. In 1971, it was the world’s first fully electronic stock market. It attracts more businesses that oriented with growth and technology than other businesses. Industries like high-tech software, computer, internet companies, and more trade on NASDAQ. Its stocks are usually more volatile because it attracts high-growth oriented industries.

AdvaxisInc. (ADXS) is an American clinical-based biotechnology company that is devoted to the development and commercialisation of proprietary Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) based antigen delivery products. Their main aim is to improve the lives of cancer patients. The company has been popular in the news for a new strategy for the treatment of cervical cancer with immunotherapy and their research with other types of cancer.

The Advaxis Inc. and Lincoln Park Capital Agreement

Advaxisand Lincoln Park Capital Fund, LLC (LPC), a Chicago-based institutional investor,has announced a common stock purchase agreement for up to $20 million. After this agreement, Lincoln Park made a purchase of $2 million of common stock at $0.57 per share. According to the agreement, Advaxis will have the right to sell to Lincoln Park Capital up to $20 million worth of shares over the term mentioned in the agreement – 36 months. The purchase price of the shares will be based on the market price at the time of each sale to LPC. Advaxis solely controls the number of its stocks it will sell to LPC in the future.The agreement did not involve any warrants, derivatives, financial, or business covenants.

ADXS Stock Summary

The company’s 131.98 price-to-sales ratio is higher than 97.76% of stocks. The revenue of ADXS grows about -98.88% per year – this beats the growth of revenue of approximately 0.63% US companies. As for how much is returned to the shareholders through share purchases and dividends, the company comes at -73.21%. The last recorded 52-week high was $1.48and the previous close was at $0.5567. NASDAQ: ADXS at provides users with information on the latest updates in the stock market related to Advaxis Inc. and the latest news articles on its new partnerships as well.

Before investing in a stock, you must research and find the analysis of the stock you are interested in. This helps to give you an idea of how successful your investment is likely to be. NASDAQ: ADXS has a considerable 10-year return percentage. Knowing the biggest one-day gains and losses will help you to choose wisely. In January 2019, ADXS reported a one-day gain of $51.28, which is a significant high. You can do stock trading from margin account. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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