RAID Recovery Guide and Tips


In situation your RAID drive has unsuccessful, you have to select smart to recuperate data inside the drive. Typically RAID configurations can be found in a way to keep things in balance between capacity and gratification within the device. Therefore, the RAID drives require extra disk to keep the parity info. Given listed below are some ideas to help you recover data inside the drive and re-configure the RAID.

  1. Measure the Cituation

To begin with, you have to measure the problem and look for the configurations within the RAID. During this process, ensure that you make an effort to uncover which a part of important data is inaccessible. Think about the RAID card too. Also, you should utilize Drive Monitor to discover the problematic disks within the RAID.

  1. Possess the Factory Manual

To be able to recover data within the faulty RAID drive, ensure that you begin to see the factory manual too. This helps obtain a better concept of the technical regions of the cardboard along with the information for the card-configuration.

  1. Think about the Backup

Decide if you will get the backup within the files you’ve lost. If no backup might be acquired, you might want to talk with a RAID recovery service. Meanwhile, you won’t desire to write more data across the drive.

  1. Think about the Raid Card along with the Motherboard

At occasions, the RAID drives are fine and the issue is elsewhere. For example, the issue might be while using the RAID card or possibly the motherboard. For verification, you can send the devices for that manufacturers for substitute. However, when the RAID card will discover the motorists, probably the RAID configuration is alright.

  1. Don’t Chance a Rebuilding Process

When the RAID will not begin to see the motorists, you might think about the rebuilding process. However, probably the attempt will not be fruitful. It’s better to prevent creating any configuration attempt that could cause further damage. Ensure that you don’t restore the backup on a single disk.

  1. Don’t Ruin the Raid Configuration

It is not recommended to guess the RAID which involves the offset, stripe, parity or rotation configurations. In case you ruin something, it may look like hard to recoup important data.

  1. Make contact with a professional

Although utilize a good recovery application to get important computer data back, it’s not suggested for a lot of reasons. By contacting experts, you can be reassured that the facts aren’t lost or overlooked.

For people who’ve RAID motorists, ensure that you monitor the drives regularly. With data maintenance, you are able to track of how each drive works then when the very first is faulty. Also, you have to produce a backup in the files to obtain secure.

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