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In today’s business world, social media often plays a large role in deciding the fate of various businesses and brands. Unfortunately, many businesses, especially small businesses, fail to realize this until it is too late. In these situations, pleading ignorance will get you nothing but a “Going Out of Business” sign on your front door. To keep this from happening, more and more companies are discovering the benefits of using social media tools such as analytics and next-generation artificial intelligence to monitor conversations on social media concerning themselves and their brands. By doing so, trends can be quickly discovered and used by businesses to help them grow or put out unfounded rumors that could destroy a brand in the blink of an eye. As more companies discover how analytics and other social media tools can benefit them, they turn to NetbaseQuid for assistance.

Transparency and Authenticity

If there are two things consumers demand of companies today, it is transparency and authenticity. According to recent studies, 66% of consumers believe transparency from a company makes a brand more attractive and one they would likely support, while over 86% say authenticity is a driving force in helping them determine which brands they will or will not support. If either of these two issues are viewed as being problematic in social media conversations, the reputation of a company and brand can sink almost instantaneously. To prevent this, using social media tools such as advanced analytics from NetbaseQuid lets your business use software that monitors such critical aspects as brand passion and sentiment, consumer behavior, trending topics, and many others.

Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence

Whether a company has locations worldwide or is a smaller local business, being able to stay on top of the latest business trends is critical to staying ahead of competitors. To do so today, next-generation artificial intelligence is a must-have as part of a company’s analytics research. When working with NetbaseQuid, companies can gain access to software that allows for real-time monitoring and assessments of trends and online conversations. Along with this, NetbaseQuid social media tools allow for monitoring of thousands of online sites simultaneously, resulting in immediate analysis of ratings and reviews associated with products, brands, and companies.

Term-Grouping and Word Clouds

When business leaders first hear the phrases “term grouping” and “word clouds,” they of course have no idea what they mean and how they are important to their company. But as NetbaseQuid shows them, these two areas are vital to creating a successful brand and helping it maintain its success. As an example, in the modern business world many millennials and other younger consumers are not only interested in a brand’s aesthetic appeal, but also in whether or not the company associated with the brand is environmentally-friendly and focuses on sustainability. Using analytics software and AI supplied by NetbaseQuid, companies can learn how these and other terms can be linked together in social media conversations to keep their brand growing year after year.

A Trusted Partner

As perhaps the premier social media analytics company in the world today, NetbaseQuid is working with more and more of the leading companies on the planet to provide social media tools that will lead to business success. A trusted partner of such famed companies as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Walmart, Hyundai, and countless others, NetbaseQuid continues to lead the way in helping business executives achieve the goals they set for their companies. Whether it is brand or digital marketing, product management, or customer service and public relations, NetbaseQuid and its state-of-the-art social media tools are providing the resources needed to help companies stay competitive.

Theresa Hoag

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