The Influencers: How To Break Into The Emerging Chinese Gen Z Consumers


While previous Chinese consumers tend to prioritise cost over value, Gen Z is increasingly comfortable shelling out extra cash for brands they know will last. When taken as a whole, this influential demographic is responsible for most of the expansion of consumer spending in domestic and global markets.

It’s no secret that businesses looking to attract Chinese Gen Z will need to reevaluate their approaches in light of this generation’s distinctive consumption habits and growing reliance on internet shopping.

Who Are The Gen Z Consumers?

Gen Z’s are people who fall into the age range of 17–26 in 2022 because they were born between 1997 and 2012. The Chinese Gen Z generation has grown up during sustained economic growth. They lived in a convenient time and place as they saw China’s economy expand at an unprecedented rate.

Gen Z consumers expect nothing but the best in terms of material comforts and conveniences, including constant access to cutting-edge information and entertainment options like engaging in a content creator platform. As a group, they also see themselves as knowledgeable shoppers who always look into a thing thoroughly before making a purchase.

To appeal to and market your brand, as a business owner, it is a must to understand Gen Z consumers.

10 Strategies For Engaging Generation Z


1.  Recognise the characteristics

Gen Z consumers have a firm grasp of technological advancements and the world’s resources at their fingertips. It means that if a product doesn’t fit with its values, it will switch brands in a heartbeat.

Younger generations are more aware of what they want and don’t want to promote.

2.  Make interesting materials

The Chinese Gen Z prefer to control their content consumption and purchasing decisions. They like to buy things that they can show. It is why millennials and those of Gen Z look up to influencers they see on a content creator platform. Consumers prefer ads tailored to them that have a human touch and aren’t too apparent in pushing products on them.

They prefer something more creative that makes them feel connected to your selling.

3.  Capitalise on their interest in influencers

When Generation Z members watch a review, they understand that the influencer was likely given the product for free. However, they still value the review’s transparency and objectivity.

Who bought who? Is everyone wearing this same shirt? Chinese consumers prefer browsing on a content creator platform. Brands then can use this to their advantage to monitor engagements.

4.  Invest on quality

Gen Z consumers value an item’s usability and durability as the two most essential factors in their purchasing decisions. Despite their claims to be reasonable shoppers, members of Generation Z will pay for causes they care about.

5.  Try always to be one step ahead of the curve

Be updated on the most recent developments in technology and platforms. Suppose you find a reliable content creator platform that seems like it could last and has some relevance to your business. In that case, you might want to test it out to see if any influencers in the field would be willing to help you and introduce your business to their dedicated fans.

6.  Make them feel part of your brand

Chinese Gen Z, like any other consumers, prefers to share or post services or products they can share with their followers. Make sure your marketing initiatives actively seek out feedback from them because these demographics prefer feeling like they’re contributing to something meaningful.

Social campaigns benefit because participants feel they have a more personal connection with their favourite companies. Gen Z consumers are more likely to remain loyal to your company if you make them feel like they are an integral part of the community rather than an observer.

They are more influential than ever thanks to social media, and young Chinese consumers are eager to collaborate on consumer experience.

7.  Be open and welcoming

Don’t forget that any ideas are acceptable in advertising. It calls for reaching out to a broader audience with your campaigns, so ensure no one gets excluded. Don’t limit your marketing to only the people you think will buy from you; reach out to as many people as possible.

Gen Z consumers believe that age, ethnicity, and gender are no longer barriers. They are also more sensitive to cultural differences, acceptance of others perspectives, and global perspectives than prior generations. They are exposed to more ideas worldwide, influencing their tastes and views.

8.  Be authentic

Gen Z consumers aren’t trending followers but are willing to try new things because they grew up with the internet. They are more open and inclusive when it comes to lifestyle trends. They love honesty and prefer marketing strategies that appeal to their everyday lives.

9.  Create an aesthetic look

Chinese consumers still place a high value on products that serve a practical purpose. Still, as their preferences have gotten more sophisticated, there has been a rise in the desire for items that appeal to the visual senses.

When you visit a content creator platform, you will most likely see contents that highlight an aesthetic look. Gen Z consumers place a high value on visuals and how they will look in their photos.

An attractive logo or packaging design, for instance, might increase a product’s credibility with consumers.

10.              Pay attention to reviews

Social media and word of mouth continue to be influential across Chinese Gen Z. Consumers of all ages indicate that online reviews were highly effective in making a purchasing choice.

They prefer to agree on key opinion leaders (KOLs). They are reliable, well-respected influencers with recognised knowledge and skill in a particular subject. Experts in a field often attract followers who are also interested in that field.

Finding the correct key opinion leader requires establishing the metrics by which it will judge success in the collaboration. The advertiser must consider the benefits of working with this individual.

Stay on top of marketing trends!


Appeal to Chinese Gen Z consumers by taking advantage of a trusted content creator platform that can increase your engagement! Follow lifestyle trends and be part of a community.

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